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How to install and run a masternode EagleX (EGX) - IronGeekNode

How to install and run a masternode EagleX (EGX) — IronGeekNode


If you decide to run a masternode EGX on PC or server, first of all you you will need to install EagleX wallet.

1. Download and install NET Core SDK 2.0.0.

2. Download and install Microsoft Visual C++2010

3. Download and run the wallet EagleX_GUI, then you need to form your address. You should have at least 0.01 EGX and 2500 BENZ.

4. Go to Advanced -> Election — and click Piblic Key in the new window, choose your Public Key and click OK (you will be automatically charged Election Fee of 2000 BENZ).

5. After the “Election” process has finished (see the tab Transaction History. There should be more than one confirmation in front of your transaction in the field “confirm”.), on Tab Account click the right button of the mouse on your address and in the opened menu click View Private Key. Copy the content of the LINE Public Key(!). Then again click your address and choose Vote. Paste your Public Key and click OK.

6. Download and unzip IronGeekNode_1.2.zip

ADVICE! Since you will need to work with its content from the command line, I recommend you to save it closer to the root catalogue or just remember/write down the way in order not to look for it.

7. Move the file of the earlier created wallet into the unzipped folder IronGeekNode_1.0. (you will find the field in the wallet folder EagleGUI_1.4, its name is {name_given_when_creating_the_wallet}.json) or write the route to it as you will need it further when working with the command line.

8. Run the console with the command line: Search -> cmd.

9. In the console go to the folder IronGeekNode_1.0, typing the following command: cd {the route where the folder is located}/IronGeekNode_1.0 (e.g. if you unzip the archive directly in the root of disk C:, the command should be as follows:
cd с:/IronGeekNode_1.0).

10. Then write the command: dotnet eagle.cli.dll (ATTENTION! If you see error, try point №1 of this instruction again. Most likely you haven’t installed or installed a wrong version of .NET Core SDK (it should be not older than 2.0.0)), If everything is right, then you will see the following:

11. In the invitation that appeared you should write: open wallet {route/name_of_your_wallet-file}.json. (IMPORTANT! If in point 7 you moved the file into the folder IronGeekNode_1.0,, then just write: open wallet {name_of_your_wallet-file}.json (without route). If you didn’t move the file, you wrote the route but can see error in the console, check if you wrote the command and the route correctly).

12. The line password: will appear, where you’ll need to write the password from your wallet. Write the password and press Enter. (If it doesn’t allow you, check if your keyboard is in the right language mode or Caps Lock mode is on).

13. If you did everything correctly on the previous stages, you’ll see eagle> and a flashing cursor on the new line. Write the following command: start consensus.

Now the masternode must be run, and you’ll see something as follows:

ATTENTION! You may see similar “green entries” but of a different character. Look at them thoroughly! If you see the difference in the structure of the information, then do the following: type exit and press Enter (you may not see this command on the screen — it’s ok, just the input line quickly “runs” downward. Keep typing and pressing Enter).

Doing so you will stop the masternode. Then run it again, following the previous steps starting with the 10th. Then wait a little — the process should go correctly.

That is all! Have high profits!

Should you have any questions, you can ask them here


Thanks The Blockchain Journal (thebcj.ru) for the info!

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